Sectional Buying Guides

Sectional Buying Guide

Sectionals are family-friendly sofas that provide enough seating for everyone. They fit neatly into a corner or can help break up a large space, such as a great room, by floating in the middle. Sectional sofas are typically found in two shapes: L-shaped and U-shaped, but can also be found with curved backs. In this guide, we look at the most common sectional sofa configurations.

Common Sectional Sofa Configurations

Standard L-Shaped

The standard L-shaped sectional sofa can look like two sofas, two small loveseats, or one sofa and one loveseat pushed together. A standard L-shaped sectional sofa works for both conversations and TV watching, though the room's focal point (a TV, fireplace, or anything) may not be visible from all seats.

L-Shaped Sofa and Chaise

Ideal for smaller spaces that still need to seat a large amount of people, in this L-shaped sectional sofa, a chaise at one end of the sofa forms the "L." This type of sectional allows most of those seated to face the same direction, making TV watching easier.


A U-shaped sectional sofa is ideal for conversations because it allows everyone to face each other. It can resemble three sofas pushed together to form two 90-degree angles. It can also be made of two chaises at each end of a sofa or of two sofas and one chaise, both forming a U-shape.


For a contemporary look without harsh corners, opt for a curved sectional. As it lacks the 90-degree angle of most sectional sofas, it can be tough to push curved sectionals into a corner to save space.

Left-Arm Facing vs. Right-Arm Facing

When purchasing a sofa, you will hear the phrases left-arm facing and right-arm facing, which can be a bit confusing. You will especially hear this phrase when shopping for sectional sofas with attached chaises. This means that as you are facing the sofa, the arm is on the side mentioned.

Right-Arm Facing: If you are standing facing a sectional and the chaise is on the right, it is a right-arm facing chaise. The arm of chaise is on the right, because the sofa continues to the left.

Left-Arm Facing: If you are standing facing a sectional and the chaise is on the left, it is a left-arm facing chaise. The arm of the chaise is on the left, because the sofa continues to the right.